We have become the benchmark in the world of truffles because we maniacally and scrupulously select every gift from mother earth. We want you to benefit exclusively from 15% of each macro-harvest. This is to bring you only the healthiest, tastiest and most delicious part, which positions us as the first choice of our consumers.

Hence this rare and sought-after aroma that is hypnotic to any nose... and palate.

For 3 generations we have had the ambition to bring to your table the tastiest, most delicious and succulent experience you have ever had.

Only keen observers and woodland lovers will immediately recognise that all our truffles have a rare and recognisable veining. This is the undeniable guaranteed evidence of their perfect natural ripeness.

The absence of this precious detail is a clear symptom of a product made acceptable because it has been chemically treated as not yet mature enough to naturally satisfy the high demand.


The master element that makes each of our product batches even more exquisite is undoubtedly an unobtainable extra virgin olive oil selected from over 130 producers who have been guaranteeing us a limited supply of excellence since 1973.


Because in addition to contributing to our pride in this perfectly recognisable flavour, its quality is of paramount importance for the well-being and health of your body.


A very special and delicate attention is also given to the preservation from mould and microorganisms harmful to your health through a packaging that has already won for 11 consecutive years the award for the best Italian protection of food contents.

This is thanks to the meticulous research of 4 expert Italian biologists, in partnership with manufacturers and specialised laboratories to patent our certified twist-off caps, unique in guaranteeing the seal of each of our products and perfectly preserving its aroma for up to 2 years



Would it be possible to achieve all this on our own strength?

Of course not.

The real protagonists are our lovable and historical HUNTERS.

The relationship between man and dog is one that has ancient origins, a harmony, connection, affinity that no one understands better than a truffle hunter.

Having a dog as a partner in an exciting, life-long activity makes these bonds inexplicably deep and eternal...

A perfect union between man and nature, involving continuous night-time dives into the woods, breathing in that humid, oxygenated air aromatised by the silent scent of the night woods.

All guided by the cool, relaxing song of the birds.

You will have realised that the forest is our sacred temple. That is why we spend thousands of hours a year walking and getting our hands dirty with the earth, together with our faithful searchers.

This is the only way we can make you relive our own emotions and sensations and smells....


STELLA, is 3 years old and manages to find even 4 or 5 kg of truffles a day.

Her story is as beautiful as it is moving.

We found her during a trip to Potenza, Basilicata, on the side of the road together with her little brothers and sisters, whom we fortunately managed to put up for adoption in a short time. We knew that STELLA was special. Ever since she was little, she had a special nose, nothing could be hidden from her, which she would find within seconds. We fell in love with her immediately. As she has grown up, she has not changed... she is a born finder, a strong point and now an indispensable leader for the whole team!

LILLA, is 5 years old and in her case the daily average is slightly lower (2.5 - 3 kg of truffles per day).

You may be wondering... why do we keep a dog that has a lower average of truffles found than the others?

Because LILLA is playful and puts the whole team in a good mood, dog and man. Searching must be a pleasure as well as a job, and with LILLA it really becomes one.

Last but not least, meet LUNA.


The oldest dog in the team, she is nine years old.

You could say that he is a kind of 'mother' to all the others. A point of reference, the pillar that maintains order and discipline during the search. Untold are the truffles found in her life, many people have offered us large sums of money for it, but we have never given it up. The strength of our team lies in the union created over time between the various members, and without one of them it would not be the same.

Together with them, our team of unparalleled and incomparable men, seekers for generations, is a team of...



who, together with the rest of the team, make up our solid FAMILY of woodland heroes.

What could be nicer than working as a team while engaging in your shared passion?

These people know 3 simple words:


Each of them has an indispensable role within the team. Like a puzzle piece without which the whole picture would make no sense. Mutual help, mutual cooperation, they act as the glue for these people who can't wait to fulfil your precious black gold demand.




Now you may be wondering what is so special about our recipe?

You should know that in Fagnano Alto, a famous Abruzzi family of truffle hunters, an ancient recipe has been handed down since 1747.

From ancient tales and rumours, it is said to be highly aphrodisiac because it was created by the women of my village to conquer men and convince them to fall madly in love and marry them.

It was then handed down from mother to daughter, until it was used in one of the famous village festivals that we still organise every year in our area.

The great truffle festival of Fagnano Alto.

The manufacturing process, therefore, is a confidential proprietary formula, shrouding in mystery the historical and inimitable taste that makes our customers fall in love and loyalty.

The visible larger grain of our truffles is given by a strictly handmade chopping and potting process.

A smaller, finer grain, on the other hand, is confirmation of large-scale industrialised processing that is detrimental to flavour, smell and therefore to your taste experience.

In brief.... Ours is a fine Italian record built with perseverance and dedication over the last 200 years, already chosen by numerous chefs in many Italian restaurants.

Driven by a dogged pursuit of excellence, we want to preserve the historic tradition of so many families who have dedicated entire lives to the exhausting and rewarding relationship between man and Mother Nature's gifts.