Truffles - Traditional Food Products

In Abruzzo, there is the best truffle harvest in the world and 40% of Italy's truffles are produced in this region.

In the Sirente Velino Park, the production of cultivated truffles extends to the Subequana Valley area and the northern Marsica area, with different varieties and even quite significant productions.

Truffles are special mushrooms that produce their bodies underground near plants such as oaks, pines, poplars or shrubs such as hazel and black hornbeam. In Abruzzo, the varieties present are:

  • Tuber melanosporum: fine black truffle, with a rounded shape and black colour
  • Tuber aestivum: Scorzone or black summer truffle, with a sweetish-earthy smell
  • Tuber brumale: Black winter or muscat truffle, similar to the fine truffle, but with a more pronounced smell
  • Tuber magnatum: with a pleasant, aromatic scent.
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