Have you ever wondered how the production of a truffle jar takes place?

Read on because I am about to reveal to you the entire production process that leads to the creation of our products of excellence.

Technically, a jar that is produced to stand the test of time and keep its aroma intact is called a CONSERVE, and the whole process from the harvesting of the truffle to the distribution of the finished product on the market is part of the so-called production chain.

Each process is of fundamental importance to achieve the excellence we want to guarantee you, and for this reason it must be carried out in the best possible way.

Let's take a look at them together!




Harvesting is the initial phase of the entire chain, and mistakes at this stage compromise the entire production.

No one can improvise as a truffle hunter, but all those who have a passion for this ancient craft, all those who feel a deep connection with nature and their dog can learn and teach themselves.

Knowing when to pick truffles, at what time of year, after what weather conditions, having a sincere connection with one's dog and a deep knowledge of the territory are decisive factors for a good and massive harvest.

Truffles of the same species, even if grown and harvested in different geographical locations, may differ in their aromatic profile, and for us at TARTUFIA, it is important that those from our areas are processed together, so as to give you a unique characteristic aroma that you will never experience anywhere else!

The law regulates harvesting with rules and prohibitions.

We will analyse them in the next articles!




After retrieving the precious nuggets, an initial sorting of the very ruined truffles takes place, followed by a deep washing to eliminate earth, stones and all those 'impurities' that are on the freshly picked truffle and that, if not removed, can affect the aroma and flavour of the finished product.

With the help of water and a soft brush, the expert hands of those who have been doing this for years clean the truffle impeccably, very gently, without ruining it.

In those parts of the truffle that are a little more difficult, you can help yourself with the tip of a small knife.

Washing is not recommended if the truffle is not used and processed immediately, because the layer of earth present protects it from contact with the air, which would compromise its aroma and preservation.




Once washed and free of the various impurities, our perfectly cleaned black gold goes through a second sorting process.

In the first phase, all truffles that are rotten, unripe, too 'soft', or under-ripe, or that do not meet the required quality standards are eliminated (and we are very strict about this!).

Selection is done manually, only by the expert eye of those who have seen so many truffles!

The first choice, of a larger size, is intended for sale as a fresh product.

The second choice, smaller in size but still of the highest quality, is destined for processing into jars.

An extraordinary veining is perfectly recognisable in our products, a sign of a quality product and a perfect degree of natural ripeness.



The truffles that arrive at this stage, as you may have guessed, are the most aromatic ones, with the optimum degree of ripeness, a very good veining, a hypnotic aroma and a unique, locally characteristic scent.

At this stage, depending on the type of final product, there is

-slicing to produce the sweet truffle petals (carpaccio)

or the

-grinding to produce the white truffle pearls (battuto) or products containing less than 100% truffle

Grinding is done strictly by hand. Our truffles in fact have a visible larger grain size.

After grinding or slicing, cooking takes place according to an ancient Fagnanese recipe, handed down since 1747, whose history and legend is lost in the mists of time.

The proprietary formula is our biggest secret and shrouds the inimitable taste of our preserves in mystery.

Finally, the addition of a 100% natural flavouring, also formulated after hundreds and hundreds of attempts, helps to enhance and strengthen the final aroma to bring to your table a preserved product that is practically identical to fresh.


Once processed, the product is potted and then undergoes a sterilisation process, required by law, in order to keep and preserve the product intact and prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms harmful to your health.

Choosing the right quality of cap and jar ensures that each production is perfect and that you get the maximum yield from each harvest.

Tasting our products, wherever you are in the world, you will be projected with your mind and your palate into our woods, to live a unique, inimitable, extraordinary and 100% Abruzzese experience




"My philosophy of eating healthy food has always been to enjoy everything in a balanced and healthy way"